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Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles

Critical Care Units, Neo-Natal Transports, Mobile Hospitals, Rescue Ambulances, and many other specialty use vehicles can be customized to your unique specifications. Your job: tell us your needs. Our job: work with you to engineer the customized vehicle you require. Designed from the chassis up we can build you a body from 14’ to 25’. Our staff of Design Engineers are experienced with hydraulic Isolette lifts, multiple Isolette placements, multiple cot placements, generators, dual oxygen and medical air systems, multiple high back seats with 3,4 or 5 point belts, refrigerators, etc. Contact your dealer to get more information or to get started customizing your vehicle.



Specialty Vehicles Quick Facts

Quick facts:
Length: 14' to 25'
Width: 96
Headroom: 70"/72"

Navistar 4100
Navistar 4300
Freightliner M2
Chevrolet C4500
Chevrolet G4500
Ford E450
Ford F450
Ford F550
Ford F650
Crew Cab

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