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Duramedic Type I

The Duramedic Type I is designed to be a lightweight module for the lower GVWR chassis. The Duramedic UltraLight is designed specifically for the Chevrolet K3500 4x4 chassis. Combined with the air ride suspension it is a comfortable ride for the patient and often preferred for long transports. The chassis for this module is available in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive and is very mechanic friendly. Whether in demanding terrain or hilly areas, the 4x4 chassis is a requirement. Because of the shorter module the Duramedic Type I is perfect for city streets.  

Duramedic Type III

The Duramedic Type III is the meeting of price and features to create long-lasting value, and is constructed with exceptional attention to detail. While being cost efficient, the Duramedic offers all of the features and benefits that are provided on all of the Road Rescue models. The design of the Duramedic Type III allows it to be maneuvered in tight city streets and alleys.
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Duramedic Quick Facts

Quick Facts:
Width: 92”
Headroom: 68”

Type I Chassis:
Ford F350 4x2
Ford F350 4x4
Chevrolet K3500 (UltraLight)

Type III Chassis:
Ford E350
Chevrolet G3500

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