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Simple Design, Ease of Maintenance

Our Engineering staff designs long-lasting reliability into every vehicle we build. We then combine our skilled production associates with manufacturing processes to deliver one of the highest quality vehicles in the industry today.

Some of the maintenance features we build into every unit are:

  • Easily removable cabinet backs to access all wiring and hoses.
  • Pull out battery drawer with full access to batteries.
  • LED marker lights, license plate lights and step well light for longevity.
  • In addition to paint under each door hinge, a Mylar barrier is installed to prevent electrolysis.
  • Exterior door handles with floating cam that relieves the stress on the latch mechanism and door rods when the door is locked.
  • Rubber crash rails and fender rings that are designed for replacement and require no fasteners for installation.
  • Electrical components centrally located above the walk-through for ease in maintenance.

In Service for Life.

Experienced Dealers

Map_storyWe have an excellent group of seasoned and professional dealers. Any one of them would be very helpful and appreciate the chance to answer any questions you might have.
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