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Features That Make A Difference

Road Rescue grew because the company listened… to the medics in the field, EMS directors, fleet managers, purchasing agents, maintenance personnel… all people whose experience tells them exactly what they need. From the beginning, your ideas have driven our design.


At Road Rescue, we know the importance of function.

  • For many years our vehicles have had a “Central Airflow Distribution” system. Located down the full length of the patient compartment ceiling are (6) 360 degree adjustable swivel air vents for even distribution all the way to the last vent.
  • Our “Patient-Centric Ceiling” design allows for medical devises and equipment to be placed down the full length of the ceiling, providing a work zone for medical personnel to quickly access whatever is needed to administer aid to the patient.
  • At the head of the squad bench you will find an anti-microbial stainless steel grab bar that also serves as an armrest and has a ¾ cu. ft. waste container and 1-1/4 gallon sharps container built into it.
  • On the interior of each door we install "L" shaped anti-microbial stainless steel bars and, because of the design, function as well from the ground as they do the interior.
  • Throughout the interior of the module, you will find the finish materials are chosen for long-term durability and the ease of cleaning. Flooring rolled 4 inches up the sidewall with a recessed tow kick; stainless steel in the lower kick area’s around the perimeter of the interior; plastic laminate in the lower and mid band area’s; lower band seat, wall, and backrest cushions utilize vacuum formed cushions.

In Service for Life.

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Map_storyWe have an excellent group of seasoned and professional dealers. Any one of them would be very helpful and appreciate the chance to answer any questions you might have.
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